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Data centre hyperscale integrator

Powering Your Hyperscale Infrastructure

Our Hyperscale Integrator services are designed to provide comprehensive support, expertise, and seamless project delivery for your projects. From start to finish, we'll work closely with you to ensure your data centre investment is a success.

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01. Comprehensive Project Management

Our experienced team of project managers will oversee every aspect of your hyperscale project, from initial planning to final implementation. We ensure efficient coordination, timely execution, and effective communication to keep your project on track and within budget.

02. Cost Management Expertise

With our cost management services, we help you optimize your hyperscale investment. We analyse budget requirements, identify cost-saving opportunities, and provide strategic recommendations to maximize your ROI without compromising on quality or performance.

03. Seamless Planning & Logistics

Planning and logistics are critical in hyperscale deployments. Our dedicated experts meticulously plan and coordinate every aspect, from site selection and infrastructure design to supply chain management. We ensure smooth execution, minimising downtime and disruptions.


Pre-Sales Support

Our knowledgeable team offers pre-sales support, assisting you in designing scalable and efficient data centre solutions. We collaborate with your technical and commercial teams to understand your unique requirements, providing customised designs and specifications that align with your goals.

Reliable Procurement Services

We have established relationships with leading equipment suppliers and manufacturers. Leveraging our network, we provide streamlined procurement services, ensuring you have access to the best-in-class technology and solutions for your data centre.


Project Management

Our expert team will provide valuable insights and recommendations to help you achieve your strategic goals.

Cost Management

We'll collaborate with you to develop innovative and practical solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Planning & Logistics

We analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of your systems and processes to identify areas for improvement and recommend real actionable solutions.

Procurement Services

Drive growth and make informed decisions with our thorough in-depth evaluations and assessment services.

Pre-Sales Support

We'll assist you in navigating complex compliance frameworks to help you stay on top of regulatory requirements .

Tenant Engagement

From feasibility studies to risk assessments, we provide valuable insights and support to streamline your project planning.

Clients we've worked with

We chose Keysource to work with us partly because of their proven experience in bringing together multiple stakeholders and translating operational and service requirements into a clear brief.

Their vast experience within the Higher Education sector, as well as expertise in delivering live upgrades to operational environments, was also a deciding factor.”

Dave AckermanIT Infrastructure Director, University of Exeter

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Seamless project delivery

Delivery Services

We provide end-to-end project management for data centre projects of all sizes. Our team has a proven track record of delivering successful projects on time and within budget.

Protect, support and optimise your data centre

Managed Services

Our team takes care of everything from day-to-day operations to strategic planning, so you can be confident that your data centre is running smoothly and efficiently.

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