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Data Centre Audit Services

Unlocking the Potential of your Data Centre

With over 40 years of experience we provide comprehensive reviews of your data centre and its infrastructure, including active networking equipment and servers.

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How do data centre surveys work?

Regular data centre audits are essential to pinpoint what is going well and areas for improvement.
Survey and audit services cover all the bases to analyse each aspect of your data centre security, including security, performance and environmental sustainability. They also assist you in everything from resolving existing employee concerns to preparing training schedules.

At Keysource, we understand that audits and surveys require significant time and financial resources that you may lack. Through our auditing surveys, our team of consultants can perform multiple audit types per your established end goals.

What is included in a data centre survey?

The data centre audit process will always include several stages and address the circumstances unique to your facility and infrastructure.

Our consultants tailor their services to your goals, which include analysing every inch of your server room, hardware deployment process, software management, cybersecurity, power, cooling and fire systems.

We can also review your existing internal audits to ensure that they are fit for purpose. With any Keysource survey, what is included is everything that you need to fulfil your stated objectives.

The data centre audit process

Every audit differs, but we follow a similar process each time as part of our comprehensive survey system.
After scheduling a data centre survey, we follow our tried-and-tested eight-step process.

Critical Infrastructure

Our audit begins by investigating the systems that support your IT operations, including electrical, mechanical, cooling, critical power, data management and connectivity solutions.


Monitoring and Reactive Systems

The next step is to inspect the systems required to protect your facility from physical harm. These include your security systems, fire alarms, water and humidity. Through regular early monitoring, we can help you to analyse and categorise threats.
Additionally, our team will go through your security systems with a fine-tooth comb, including CCTV surveillance systems, biometric-triggered entry points and in-person security teams.


Maintenance Registers/Service Level Agreements

Alongside inspecting the current state of your data centre’s hardware and software, we also compare your previous maintenance logs with the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure you completely comply with your agreements.
Some areas we focus on include generators, air-conditioning systems and power supplies.


Disaster Recovery Plans

Every business requires a disaster recovery plan, and nowhere is this more vital than within your data centre.
Our team will review your plans for natural disasters, hardware failures and cyber threats to determine whether you are suitably prepared.


Energy Efficiency

Your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a key performance metric that defines how well your data centre is performing. We can uncover common problems like unsuitable racking arrangements, poor containment and air leaks through thermal imaging surveys.
We are also equipped to perform Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling for larger data centres.


Energy Management

Energy sourcing, storage and renewable power play a larger role than ever within the UK’s data centres. You desire to cut down on your bills to increase your margins and provide your customers with better deals.
Our consultants can advise on different solutions to help you perform functions like offsetting capital investments and improving your green credentials.


Data Centre Optimisation

The auditing process also includes a capacity profile to help you understand your capacity and avenues for future growth.
Keysource consultants are adept at deploying solutions like server virtualisation and system optimisation to support your data centre in entering its next growth phase.


Management Systems

The final step in our auditing process is to investigate your management systems. This phase of the auditing process focuses on managing your data centre and how it utilises software to address issues like air quality, health and safety and information security.
After your data centre audit, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing single points of failure, operational weaknesses and an analysis of your financials.


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The different types of data centre audits

We recommend that all data centres receive a complete, comprehensive audit annually to ensure your facility runs at its peak potential.
However, if you are planning an expansion or your circumstances have changed, you may need to consider a specific type of audit.
Keysource can conduct full audits, but we also support the UK’s data centres in addressing key areas.
So, what types of data centre audits are available from Keysource?

Security Audits

An audit focusing on physical security. We will document the procedures and technology to address critical areas of concern, including:
  • Cabinet-level security
  • Fire suppression systems
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Biometric access control systems
  • Employee/contractor screening arrangements

Access Control Audits

An access control audit analyses whether your access control procedures are suitable for the level of security required. Moreover, Keysource access control audits examine personnel readiness, background checks and whether authentication procedures are followed and updated.

Power Audits

Poor design and inconsistent processes are reasons your facility is not as efficient as it should be. A power audit can uncover outdated equipment and incorrect climate control settings by examining lighting and thermal environments.

Environmental Audits

An environmental audit closely examines your assets, including servers, cabinets and mass storage devices. During an environmental audit, our team will look at things like:
  • Equipment age
  • Physical network topology
  • Performance level
  • Manufacturer
  • Network port map
  • Maintenance logs

Compliance Audits

Standards compliance is vital for all data centres as legislation arrives and enforcement tightens. We can also conduct audits within the framework of specific compliance standards, including:
PCI – Ensure that credit card and other payment details remain protected.
HIPAA – Guarantee that health information is stored and processed according to HIPAA standards.
SarbanesOxley (SOX) – Check the proper management of all electronic records.
These audits are helpful if you expect any formal compliance inspection in the coming months.

Design Audits

These audits focus on the design of the overall facility and its infrastructure to see if you have optimised the data centre you have built, or if you are preparing for a physical expansion in the future.
Design audits are excellent investments for gathering ideas and inspiration for improving your data centre’s operations.

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