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Unlock High Powered Data Centre Performance

With Immersion Cooling and Direct Liquid Cooling

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What is Immersion Cooling?

Immersion Cooling submerges entire servers in a dielectric coolant. By immersing the hardware, heat is efficiently dissipated and the need for traditional air cooling is significantly reduced, offering a reduction in energy consumption and improved PUE

Traditionally, air cooling has been the go-to method for keeping data centres within the desired temperature range. While it’s effective, it’s far from perfect. As technology advances, high-performance servers and AI deployments generate more heat than ever before. This surge in heat necessitates a rethink of traditional cooling methods.

Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC)

In contrast to Immersion Cooling, Direct Liquid Cooling circulates a thermally conductive dielectric liquid directly in contact with hot components, such as processors. The liquid travels through heat sinks, which are attached to the hot equipment that needs cooling. It efficiently absorbs the heat and is then transferred to a heat exchanger for dissipation.

Benefits of Immersion Cooling & DLC

The Challenge of Data Centre Cooling

In the ever-evolving data centre landscape, Immersion Cooling and DLC stand as beacons of efficiency and sustainability. These technologies provide a promising future for data centre operators, offering a path to reduced energy consumption, improved performance and a greener footprint.

New technologies such as AI and highly complex research with big data processing boosts the demand for high powered computing and high performance hardware. Traditional air systems used to cooling this hardware becomes challenging, and this is where Immersion Cooling and DLC step in.

Boost Rack Power Density

Increase per-rack  power densities to unlock new revenue streams and to accommodate rising high power demands.

Traditional air cooling systems have a limitation of 15-20kW/rack peak, and in most cases with rear door air cooling this can be extended to 40-50kW/rack comfortably. DLC takes it up a notch with a 70kW-90kW/rack limitation, and full immersion liquid cooling can exceed 150kW/rack.


Benefits for the environment include better power usage, reduced emissions, and less waste. What’s more, DLC systems reject higher-grade heat (70°C+) compared to air systems (<40°C), opening doors to heat reuse and recovery opportunities.

Improve Efficiency and slash costs

Reduce power consumption and enhance data centre energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy costs and a higher Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

Noise Reduction

Immersion Cooling and DLC produce less noise than air cooling, contributing to a quieter and better working environment.

In-House Cooling Expertise

Global Reach

Our Immersion Cooling and DLC services are delivered worldwide, tailored to your needs.

Full Service

We will support you in both your transition from air to liquid cooling and with new data centre cooling solutions

24/7 Helpdesk

Our Operational Service Offers include round-the-clock technical assistance and support when you need it.

Who we've worked with

We've partnered with diverse organisations in multiple sectors to unlock high powered performance within their data centres. We work closely with all our clients to lead the charge and help them adopt a more efficient and sustainable data centre by implementing these innovative cooling methods. Our extensive experience in energy efficiency, sustainability, facility design and operations makes us your ideal partner to redefine the future of your data centre and empower you for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Immersion Cooling & DLC Success Stories

Read how Keysource's expertise in Immersion Cooling and Direct Liquid Cooling transformed existing facilities. The level of difficulty was raised by the fact that both cooling solutions were integrated in a live environment.

Getronics appoints Keysource to support immersive liquid cooling infrastructure

Global IT services company Getronics has awarded Keysource a consultancy project to support one of its clients that provides sustainable cloud services. The project will involve Keysource providing design advice on the integration of immersive liquid cooling into Getronics’ existing facility in Runcorn.

Data Centre Transformation for University of Leicester

The University of Leicester appointed Keysource to lead the transformation of its Computer Centre Data Centre located on campus.
It followed an increase in the need for high performance computing driven in part by the growth in research initiatives such as DiRAC, ALICE and space exploration projects.
The transformation included the doubling of capacity and the adoption of a large amount of direct liquid cooling, into an existing air-cooled environment.

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