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Powering Data Centre Efficiency with EOS

Energy Optimisation Study

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What is an Energy Optimisation Study (EOS)?

An Energy Optimisation Study (EOS) is designed to reduce total power consumption and operational expenditure of your datacentres, saving money and reducing carbon.

At Keysource, we're passionate about empowering businesses to achieve operational excellence and environmental leadership. That's why we developed our Energy Optimisation Study (EOS), a comprehensive service designed to maximize the energy efficiency of your data centre.

Why Carry Out an Energy Optimisation Study?

Benefits of EOS

Our EOS identifies opportunities to optimise, which suit the lifecycle of the facility and the IT within it. We are also committed to supporting our clients’ sustainable goals and our EOS will give companies the information they need to confidently make decisions. This will identify real cost benefits for the client whilst maintaining their business critical infrastructure.

"Keysource's EOS has provided a detailed view of what is possible with regards to energy savings in a number of our client halls. Through the execution of this optimisation we expect to see significant savings of around 15% of operating costs, carbon emissions and energy."

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Data-Driven Insights

Our team of dedicated experts analyses your facility’s utilisation, operation and infrastructure to identify precise opportunities for optimisation.

Cost Savings and ROI

We focus on practical solutions with rapid payback periods, often delivering savings within six months.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Make a positive impact on the environment while lowering your operating costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Get the data you need for mandatory reporting requirements like SECR.

How EOS works


Find Efficiency Opportunities

Identify key areas for improvement, including cooling redundancy, airflow management and best practices.


Develop Risk-Free Optimisation

Develop a customised plan with minimal disruption and zero compromise on your data centre performance.


Implementation and Validation

We work closely with you to implement all the changes and closely monitor to verify their effectiveness.


Ongoing Support

Our teams are here to ensure your optimised data centre continues to perform at its peak.

Who we've worked with

We’ve partnered with diverse organisations in multiple sectors to unlock hidden efficiency within their data centres. Our Energy Optimisation Study slashes energy costs, reduces footprints, and fuels operational excellence, no matter your industry.

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EOS Success Stories

Read how we identified opportunities for optimising a Data Hall, including infrastructure opportunities equating to 20%-30% operating efficiency savings.

EOS for Global Data Centre Real Estate Provider

Our EOS identified a number of opportunities across the infrastructure which equated to 20% -30% operating efficiency savings.

Critical Maintenance and Energy Optimisation Services

Keysource has been working with CloudCoCo (formerly IDE Group) for over 4 years, providing critical facilities maintenance and energy optimisation services (EOS) for their flagship data centre in Bournemouth.

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