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Safeguard Your Data Centre
From Extreme Weather

Is your data centre prepared for the next heatwave, hurricane, or blizzard?

Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and severe, posing a
significant threat to critical infrastructure.

Don't wait for disaster to strike. Keysource can help you weather the storm
with our comprehensive suite of extreme weather solutions.


Delivering end-to-end
data centre and critical
infrastructure services

We are the preferred choice for organisations seeking innovative

and sustainable data centre solutions


Powering Data Centre
Efficiency with EOS

Discover how our Energy Optimisation Study can help you achieve:

✓ Lower operating costs
✓ A reduced environmental impact
✓ Enhanced operational efficiency
✓ Improved regulatory compliance


State of the Industry
Report 2023

Now in it’s sixth year, Keysource’s State of the Industry Report 2023,
focuses on the data centre trilemma: balancing speed, substance
and sustainability.

It’s packed with insights from over 250 data centre professionals, and
it’s essential information for anyone involved in our industry.


Unlock the Possibilities
with our fully Comprehensive Services
for Every Step of Your Journey


Accelerate your investment potential with our strategic investor services, unlock opportunities for growth and success


Unlock the potential of your data centre, get fully optimised and aligned with your needs


Experience seamless project delivery with our timely, budget-friendly solutions


Unlock limitless growth potential for your business as we unify complex technologies to harness unprecedented scale, agility and resilience in your critical infrastructure


Ensure optimal performance and reliability, keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently


Protect, support and optimise your data centre with dedicated IT support, continuous monitoring and much more

Leading the Way in
Sustainable Solutions

At Keysource, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

We are dedicated to pioneering eco-friendly solutions that drive positive change for our planet.

From energy-efficient data centres to renewable energy strategies,

our focus on sustainability sets us apart.

Discover how our innovative approach are helping organisations reduce their
carbon footprint and embrace a greener future

Take the first step towards sustainability with Keysource today



Ealing Hospital appoints Keysource to support data centre capacity increase

Live upgrade for telecommunications company

Maintaining Optimal Operating Conditions For Verne Global

Facilities Management for leading optical retail chain

Keysource delivers solution gap analysis

Keysource delivers live critical upgrade

Keysource’s CFD Enabled Data Cooling System Upgrade

Keysource’s CFD Secured Optimal Cooling for High-Density Data Hall


Make a difference with Keysource

Join Keysource and be part of something meaningful! Data centres are the backbone of digital infrastructure, powering our daily lives. We're on a mission to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions, contributing to a greener future.

Discover the exciting possibilities at Keysource and
help us build a more sustainable future

Explore our latest vacancies today!

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Keysource Group

A trusted leader in sustainable data centre solutions and strategic advisory services

Keysource Group is the result of a strategic combination in the industry. This powerhouse was formed by the union of three entities: Keysource, a specialist in data centre design, build, managed services and operations; Digital Infrastructure Advisors Ltd (DIAL), bringing expert strategic advisory and investor services; GDM Building Consultants, recognised for their outstanding MEP engineering, sustainability and facilities management solutions and 2bm, known for their cutting-edge data centre infrastructure solutions.

This combination empowers Keysource Group to offer clients a truly comprehensive suite of services for all their digital infrastructure needs. Whether they require design and build expertise, strategic guidance, sustainable solutions or ongoing facilities management, Keysource Group delivers an unmatched breadth and depth of knowledge and experience.

We are committed to driving innovation, delivering exceptional value and maintaining our position at the forefront of the industry.

We selected Keysource as our data centre partner due to its extensive experience and understanding of professional data centre operators, and the team’s track record for project delivery and ongoing critical facilities management. This project was a complete success, and has reinforced our belief we made the right decision.


Keysource left no stone unturned to ensure that every part of the data centre facility was fully reviewed and assessed, giving us peace of mind.


We chose Keysource to work with us partly because of their proven experience in bringing together multiple stakeholders and translating operational and service requirements into a clear brief.
Their vast experience within the Higher Education sector, as well as expertise in delivering live upgrades to operational environments was also a deciding factor.


We have taken advantage of Keysource’s unrivalled expertise within the colocation sector to develop a facility that is industry-leading in terms of efficiency and availability.


Trusted by

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