Keysource has worked with SEGA Europe Limited, the producer of multi-million-selling game franchises including Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, and Yakuza, supporting them on a range of projects.


Last year Two Point Studios joined the SEGA Europe family and Keysource was appointed to provide consultancy and professional services for a communications room for the newly acquired business. This was to support the general compute for the office of around 50 people.

Keysource did an initial assessment which reviewed the current specification provided by the main building contractor. This then enabled a gap analysis to be undertaken against best practice guidelines and SEGA Europe’s requirements. The objective to deploy a suitable solution in line with the IT requirements and included exercises to establish a clear client brief.  This focused on the purpose of the facility and services; the current facility design information; the impact of failure; and further opportunities and considerations.

The finalised report provided SEGA Europe with a detailed summary of suggested alterations to the current scheme, additional considerations and next steps.  In addition, there was a detailed specification of the requirement from day one and future IT capacity, cooling & power, Security and protection, monitoring and ongoing maintenance and support.

The project included:

  • Provided a fully comprehensive gap analysis
  • Ensured the new communications room was fit for purpose and futureproof
  • Ensured the recommendations where technically achievable within the building limitations
  • Considered the cost implication of recommendations and that they were economically viable.
  • Further built on established long term partnership and trusted advisor status

Following the engagement Keysource were asked to supply and install some of the proposed recommendations, including the ongoing maintenance and support of critical systems providing the customer piece of mind that the performance requirements would be met.

“For over 10 Years Keysource has been our trusted advisor and so when changes to our IT estate are required, they are our partner of choice. This particular piece of consultancy provided us with the means to make informed decisions and deploy a suitably resilient IT solution specific to our needs as a business.”

Jide Agbalaya , SEGA Systems Infrastructure Manager

“As SEGA Europe continues to grow and add amazingly talented studios like Two Point to its family, it important that the correct IT infrastructure is in place. We were able to respond quickly and provide independent consultancy to support this within a tight timeframe, demonstrating our understanding and expertise.”

The new infrastructures are designed with efficiency and resilience at their cores. The works will protect business operations in the future through improved up-time and a proactive approach to future proofing the works. And our knowledge of working in live environments means we can carry out the projects without any disruption to staff or the bank’s customers.

Luke Brimelow, Head of Operational Services, Keysource

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