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MDC for major law firm

One of the UK’s leading law firms took the decision to relocate to a new office in Leeds and engaged Keysource to evaluate options to support their IT infrastructure. Key considerations were a lack of available space as well as time constraints. Keysource delivered a turnkey solution for the client on time, along with an ongoing maintenance agreement.

Keysource first assessed the client concept design which involved a traditional approach, including a fully separate dedicated comms room.

Keysource evaluated other options in light of the site limitations with a view to deploying a solution within a short time frame and provide ongoing support.

The agreed solution utilises a Micro Data Centre (MDC) which consists of a pre-configured environment stack, including inbuilt cooling, UPS, fire suppression, power distribution and security.

The key benefit is that it does not require the construction of a room or the need for external plant space allowing for rapid deployment to meet critical relocation milestones.

The introduction of an Environmental Monitoring System within the MDC means it can be remotely monitored by the client which has reduced the need for its IT and FM personnel to be on site, freeing time and resources to be used at their London head office.

Project Highlights

  • Solution options assessment undertaken allowing the customer to select the preferred approach considering budget, programme, performance and risk

  • A turnkey Micro DC solution providing the flexibility to relocate if required

  • Introduction of a Environmental Monitoring System to support remote monitoring

  • Small footprint to overcome on-site space restrictions

  • Project completed within two weeks from design assessment to commissioning enabling dependent IT and network service for relocation.

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Make it stand out

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“We completed this Micro DC Edge solution in just two weeks from design assessment to commissioning and the result is both cost effective and efficient.

It highlights the importance of having a specialist advisor onboard at the start of the design phase to gain maximum benefits.”

— Patrick Dryden, Contract Sales Engineer, Keysource

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