Critical infrastructure replacement at Garmin UK HQ

Fully comprehensive critical facilities management at Garmin’s European headquarters in Southampton.

About the project

Data centre and critical environment specialists Keysource has initiated a critical infrastructure project for Garmin, adding to a growing portfolio of market leading brands.

Keysource specialists conducted a site survey to identify areas in need of modernisation, including increasing the number of cooling units, expanding rack footprint and optimising cooling operation.

Chris West, Head of Global Accounts at Keysource, said: “The Garmin data centre consists of a single row of 42U racks supported by In-Row cooling and modular UPS. Having recently completed lifecycle upgrades on the UPS system which included provisioning additional power capacity, Keysource will now oversee the replacement of the 42U racks with 48U racks as part of a project to replace the 2006 In-Row cooling units with new lifecycle replacements.”

The project will see Keysource undertake full turnkey delivery of additional racks and cooling units to support physical rack expansion, modifications to cold/ hot aisle separation system as well as modifying existing chilled water pipework to suit additional cooling unit expansion. The Keysource team will also carry out a pipework flushing activity including replenishing specialist water treatment.

Chris West added: “The programme has been broken down into ‘steps’ which align to Garmin’s ability to migrate IT equipment between racks. The intention is to deliver the first phases of the project in early 2021. It is an exciting project for us and offers us a great opportunity to deliver for our new client, Garmin. Going forward, we will also identify any further works needed to increase cooling capacity from the current capability of the installed systems to facilitate future growth and ensure optimum performance.”

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