DCA certification renewal for Datum

Provided approved assessment services to support the renewal of Datum's DCA certification.

About the project

Prior to undertaking the formal audit, Keysource also assisted Datum in understanding the current requirements of the DCA certification scheme and identifying any gaps which required addressing prior to the audit itself.

Upon completion of the assessment, Datum was then independently audited by the DCA, covering key areas of the facility design, build and operation which include: Infrastructure Resilience Classification, Operational Management & Maintenance, Physical Security and Access Control, and Energy Efficiency.

The outcome of the assessment and independent audit graded Datum FRN1 facility in Farnborough as Class 3 for the EN 50600 Availability, Protection and Efficiency Enablement classifications.

The DCA certification requires annual surveillance assessments and a full re-certification assessment and audit every three years.

Stephen Lorimer, associate director at Keysource, said: “As a DCA approved assessor, we are required to be able to apply the correct levels of skill and expertise coupled with the required business strategy and technical knowledge. Our 40 years plus experience across all aspects of data centre design, build and operation makes us an ideal choice for organisations like Datum that need to ensure that their facilities are resilient, efficient and secure.

Our recertification as a fully operational Class 3 data centre is an endorsement of our drive for operational excellence across the board. We are very pleased to have been re-accredited and will continue to strive for the very best in resilience, security, energy efficiency and operational professionalism.

Dominic PhillipsCEO, Datum