Edge data centre deployment for multinational automotive company

Keysource collaborated with DellEMC to support multiple edge data centre deployments at key locations across EMEA.

About the project

Keysource collaborated with DellEMC to support multiple edge data centre deployments at key locations across EMEA.

The micro Modular Data Centres (MDCs), designed by DellEMC’s Extreme Scale Infrastructure team, helped a multinational automotive company in the roll-out of its connected vehicle technology – deploying semi-autonomous vehicles.

Keysource carried out the planned deployment and is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and facilities management (sustaining) for the MDCs at locations including Finland, Dubai, Czech Republic and Germany.

Keysource’s expert teams worked closely with project stakeholders to ensure all requirements were delivered using in-house capability, which greatly helped in overcoming regional challenges.

This was enhanced with an over-arching management capability which could liaise with multiple stakeholders within DellEMC and the client team. This ensured deliverables were met and user expectation were successfully managed.

On completion of each delivery phase a seamless transition to operational management (sustaining) was put in place which provides remote monitoring, technical support, preventative maintenance and emergency response to sites 24x7x365.

Mobilised Deployment

Our team at Keysource efficiently managed various aspects to ensure seamless implementation and performance of this data centre project. This included coordinating local regulations, standards, and approvals for site readiness, as well as site preparation for essential elements like slabs, structural requirements and service routes/ducts.

We also take care of provisioning suitable power supplies and mechanical services, including dedicated heat rejection components. We oversaw equipment handling, ensuring smooth delivery and positioning of the data centre to its final location. Additionally, we provided comprehensive connections for a Building Management System (BMS) for both local and remote monitoring of the data centre and life safety systems. Finally, we conducted Integrated Systems Testing to demonstrate optimal performance and modes of operation.


Local Regulations

Coordinating local regulations, standards and approvals for site readiness.

Monitoring and Management

Installation of a comprehensive monitoring and management system to give WTW full visibility across their estate.

Site Preparation

Site preparation including slabs, structural requirements and service routes/ducts, etc.

Provisioning of Power, Equipment and Mechanical Services

Provisioning of suitable power supplies and mechanical services between the MDC and dedicated heat rejection components. Also responsible for provision of equipment handling to take delivery, move and position the MDC to its final location.

The fact that these MDCs are in widely different and sometimes hostile environments, presents an array of different challenges for their maintenance and, having been involved in this project from the start, we are best placed to deliver this.

Jon HealyOperations Director, Keysource

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