Seamless UPS Decommissioning

And Reinstallation For Office Move

Professional decommissioning, secure storage and reliable reinstallation of their Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system that supported critical IT equipment


Keysource, a leading provider of data centre solutions, was approached by a renowned eyewear company, to assist with their office relocation.

They required professional decommissioning, secure storage and reliable reinstallation of their Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system that supported critical IT equipment.

Keysource need to successfully execute the UPS relocation whilst ensuring minimal disruption to operations during the transition.


As they prepared for their office move, the key challenge they faced was the safe and efficient transfer of their UPS system.

The UPS played a crucial role in maintaining uninterrupted power supply to their critical IT infrastructure, including servers, data storage and communication systems. The client needed a solution that would ensure the seamless functioning of their IT equipment throughout the relocation process.


Keysource approached the client’s UPS relocation with meticulous planning and expertise. The following steps were implemented to ensure a smooth transition:


Detailed Assessment

Our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of their existing UPS system to understand its technical specifications, power requirements and any potential challenges associated with its decommissioning and reinstallation.

Secure Decommissioning

Keysource's skilled teams expertly decommissioned the UPS equipment, ensuring proper shutdown procedures and the safe disconnection of power and data connections. This phase involved carefully labelling and documenting all components for easy reinstallation.

Professional Storage

The decommissioned UPS system was securely transported to Keysource's storage facility. The facility was equipped with fire suppression systems and robust security measures to safeguard the UPS equipment during its stay.

Detailed Project Planning

Keysource collaborated closely with their project team to create a detailed installation plan for their new office in London. This plan included optimal positioning of the UPS, power distribution, cable routing and integration with the client’s IT infrastructure.

Efficient Re-installation

With careful coordination and project management, Keysource's experienced engineers efficiently reinstalled the UPS system in their new office. Keysource ensured all power and data connections were properly established and conducted thorough testing to guarantee the UPS's optimal performance.


With Keysource’s diligent approach, the client’s UPS relocation was executed seamlessly, resulting in minimal downtime and uninterrupted power supply to their critical IT services.

The UPS system was successfully decommissioned, securely stored, and reinstalled in their new office, ensuring a smooth transition of their infrastructure. The reinstalled UPS system demonstrated optimal performance, backed by rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures.