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Report: The State of the Industry 2019

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The data centre sector is continuing to experience a significant period of growth which is being driven by advances in technology and the need to support increasing user demand, as well as an exponential explosion in data.

This transformation represents a significant step change in the way we use data centres, which are increasingly being recognised as essential assets that drive innovation for business survival and growth.

Advances in automation, 5G, IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence are some of the developments which influence global demand as well as the need for increasingly lower latency.

And more than ever before, these technologies present a very real ‘human life’ dependant factor.

This has prompted us to take a moment to understand how the market perceives some of these current and future challenges.

Our research focused on standards and accreditations, and this paper provides a full analysis of the results, exploring the potential impact on our industry and its global users.

Our data was gathered from polling over 110 senior IT decision makers from across the UK. Partnering with techUK, one of the UK’s leading technology associations, and Censuswide, the data was independently verified and has uncovered some very interesting results.

As you will see, the results are compelling and suggest that there is a huge demand, now more than ever, for clarity and adoption of appropriate standards.

It seems that we are at risk of not knowing if our highly critical applications of today are underpinned by suitable infrastructure. Nor do we have the ability to validate suitability for what may come in the future.

This in turn raises the question – should we be doing more to protect an ‘unregulated industry’ which plays such a vital role in both business and society?

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