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Critical environment audit for major transport hub

This international transport hub is one of the busiest in the world with over 78 million passengers annually.

Having gone through periods of significant change, and in order to meet future expansion and passenger needs, the hub needed to ensure its data centre infrastructure was fit for purpose and secure for the future.

Keysource carried out an in-depth audit, focusing on the potential risks, and any efficiency opportunities, reported against best practice, legislation and the transport hubs business strategy.

We also advised on the improvement and safeguarding of business critical functions, which include the testing of new IT systems before they are launched.

Having presented the report and recommendations, the Keysource team provided ongoing support to the client with the recommended actions from the audit, ensuring business objectives are met, and continuity of service delivery is ensured.

Project Highlights

  • Best practice assessment including EN56001& EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres

  • Detailed risk assessment with severity, likelihood and remediation to identify essential areas for improvement

  • Efficiency Assessment to baseline current operating efficiencies and areas for improvement

  • Quick Wins to make immediate improvements with minimal investment required

  • Medium to long term investment plan to bring facilities up to the required standard for the business

“Where perhaps data centres haven’t always been at the forefront of business planning, or investment in the past, more and more businesses are realising how essential they are for service delivery and customer experience. Increasingly with ever growing demand from IoT and IT Transformation, businesses are seeking support from a specialist partner like Keysource to help develop their IT Transformation strategy, including auditing existing facilities against the needs of the business. We’re seeing marked interest in audits as businesses develop their IT transformation strategies, and look to reduce risk and cost in data centres, which form ever more essential and complex roles in delivering business critical services.”

— Richard Clifford, Data Centre Consultant, Keysource

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