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Date Centre Building Management System for County Council

Under the terms of the agreement, Keysource has replaced the existing legacy Building Management System (BMS) and introduced a single multi-site dashboard, granular rack level power monitoring and smart lights out controls.

This will support remote working across two dedicated, purpose-built, state of the art data centres which provide secure hosting space to public and private sector clients and over 8,000 users.

The new BMS will facilitate the monitoring, management and control of key metrics to improve availability, sustainability and security.

The client also hosts for a number of other public sector and private sector clients.

Keysource currently provides coordinated Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) across the data centre estate, a help desk and out of hours support, statutory critical maintenance and a vital 24/7/365 emergency response service that includes an on-site within four hours guarantee.

Project Highlights

  • Facilitate the monitoring, management and control of key metrics to improve availability

  • Integration with existing platforms and greater levels of visibility over power usage across the estate through the replacement of ageing infrastructure with new accurate CT level power monitoring

“Our solution unifies disparate BMS under a single management dashboard, for transparency, adding granular power monitoring with zero downtime, and extensive remote management capabilities that are essential in remote lights out facilities. We were also able to bring our specialist cooling controls knowledge to optimise the Council’s systems, as a focus on sustainability was a key objective of the project.”

Richard Clifford, Head of Innovation Solutions, Keysource

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