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Infrastructure delivery for Connexin to support Hull’s Smart City aims


Connexin is a leading Smart City and Technology business. Having recently secured a key 10-year contract with Hull City Council as part of its aim to make Hull a truly Smart City, Connexin knew it needed state-of-the-art facilities in order to deliver this range of smart city services.

As Connexin’s technology partner, Keysource began working on a new technology campus in 2018. The campus will include a cutting edge data centre as well as Connexin’s new headquarters, which will allow the company to build out the team their next stage of growth.

In order to meet Connexin’s requirements, now and in the future, Keysource engaged all the stakeholders across the organisation to fully understand the business and operational requirements. With a detailed understanding of Connexin’s technical history and future plans, the team then modelled potential solutions against these requirements before proposing a range of solution.

In order to support the decision making process Keysource developed full business cases for each option including; technical requirements, full lifecycle cost modelling including a review of different cooling options.

This resulted in a highly cost effective data centre that meets all of the requirements of Connexin’s Smart City Projects, Connexin City OS and their Professional Data Centre aspirations.

Cutting edge high efficiency technology will allow the facility to support mixed density compute as well as integrated smart city technology whilst still remaining ultra-efficient, and the Tier III infrastructure will mitigate risk of downtime.

Project Highlights

  • Engaging all stakeholders from the outset allowed the team to fully understand Connexin’s business and operational requirements.

  • Proposed solutions were evaluated against strict commercial and operational criteria, including scenario modelling and market testing.

  • Using the latest innovations and data centre technologies delivered a future proofed solution that can support Smart City Infrastructure.

“The smart cities race has stepped up a gear and this investment lifts Connexin to the front of the field. This investment is accelerating Connexin’s work with local authorities. Working together we can more quickly unlock the societal benefits of the internet of things, which means better transport, cleaner streets, improved health and social care, and a whole lot more.

With CXNDC we are making a major investment in Hull as it progresses its journey to become a leading UK smart city. Keysource’s consultative approach has been key to ensuring this new asset is designed and optimised with the long-term operation of the site in mind.”

— Furqan Alamgir, CEO, Connexin

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