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In a recent interview at Data Centre World 2024, our own Chief Operating Officer Jon Healy, joined Matt Edgley, COO of Datum Datacentres, for a panel discussion hosted by The DCA – Data Centre Alliance. Together, they delved into the specifics of Datum’s ground-breaking new facility in Manchester, UK and showcased how waste heat generated by the new data centre will be harnessed and repurposed to benefit the entire local community.

Curious to learn more?

Watch the full interview below to discover how Keysource and Datum are working together to create a more sustainable future for data centres and the communities they serve.

In the interview, you’ll gain insights into:

  • The innovative heat reuse technology employed at the Manchester data centre.
  • The community projects that will benefit from the recycled heat.
  • The broader environmental and economic advantages of this sustainable approach.

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