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Keysource launches Digital Twin service

Keysource, the data centre and critical environment specialist, has launched a new service that provides organisations with a digital twin of a data centre’s internal and external infrastructure and environment.

This enables new or changes in data centre requirements to be virtually demonstrated and assessed in a single model which visually validates design and operation.

Key benefits include virtual design validation, optimised solutions, faster deployment through simpler designs and reduced costs.

By combining virtual IT, CFD (Computational Flow Dynamics) modelling and configuration from specialist data centre design and operators, the service provides customers the benefit of assessing normal and ‘what-if’ scenarios. This capability and insight can be used for new data centres, planning expansions for an existing site and existing operational lifecycle management, and helping organisations to realise and maximise the true value of their infrastructure investments.

The service models variable load conditions, along with impact analysis of change, including internal infrastructure changes or failures and external environmental factors, such as wind profiles, humidity, solar gain, and even exhaust emission contamination from generators.

The service enables companies to make informed decisions and confidently design and operate to required availability levels. By knowing exactly how much capacity they have at their disposal without risking downtime, companies can stop overprovisioning expensive resources.

Commenting on the new service, Jon Healy, Operations Director at Keysource, said: “From Hyperscale to Edge facilities, our modelling service can been used globally, developing designs to meet different requirements, design levels and local conditions – including upgrading existing facilities through optimisation or tactical upgrades. Using the power of leading tools, automation and our industry experts in design and operation, our service provides key insight to mitigate risk, reduce cost and speed up the design process, giving organisations confidence that their design will work.”

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