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MPS chooses Keysource for critical upgrade

Keysource has successfully completed a critical upgrade for The Medical Protection Society (MPS) at its on-premise data centre in Leeds. This latest project builds on a 17-year relationship between the two businesses, during which Keysource has provided full support across MPS’ technical estate.

Initially, MPS engaged Keysource to review its end-of-life UPS requirement for both its immediate needs and future capacity. Other key factors were the need to reduce cost, minimise carbon footprint and avoid disruption.

Keysource carried out a feasibility study incorporating options for replacing with a like-for-like system (a smaller UPS system to support reduced load) and upgrading the existing UPS system with critical components and batteries to prolong the UPS lifespan and manufacturer support for a further five years. A report of Keysource findings was provided to MPS, taking into consideration costs, risks and downtime.

Keysource advised the upgrade to the existing system as the best solution, providing reduced CAPEX, risk and embodied carbon – offering the most sustainable option, reducing the need for additional manufacturing and extending the life of the system. The upgrade was successfully completed during a weekday evening.

Commenting on the project, Ian McLean at MPS, said: “Keysource was a natural fit for this project due to our long history and the trust built over this time. Their ability to articulate the options with clear benefits was key, so that we could make a fully informed decision, as well as outlining the clear benefits of this more sustainable approach when considering the embodied carbon.”

Richard Clifford, Head of Solutions at Keysource, said: “We successfully upgraded this live system out of hours, without disruption and with zero downtime.Our solution has the added benefit of minimising embodied carbon associated with the system by extending its useable life.”

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