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Glastonbury, the renowned music festival that captivates audiences worldwide, is not just about the artists on stage. Behind the scenes, there’s a hidden world of technology and infrastructure that ensures the seamless streaming and broadcasting of this iconic event. At Keysource, we’re proud to play a crucial role in supporting our client, Timeline Television, as they bring the magic of Glastonbury to screens everywhere. Let’s take a closer look at the partnership between Keysource and Timeline Television and the essential role of data centres in the world of critical infrastructure and entertainment.

Powering the Broadcast Revolution

Timeline Television, a leading UK television broadcasting company, relies on a cutting-edge data centre located at Ealing Broadcast Centre (EBC) to deliver world-class post-production services, broadcasting facilities, and systems integration to the international TV market. Keysource has been entrusted with the critical facilities management contract, ensuring the flawless operation of this vital infrastructure.

Data Centres: The Unsung Heroes

Data centres serve as the backbone of the modern digital world, supporting a wide range of industries and services. At Glastonbury, where millions of fans eagerly await their favourite performances, a robust network of data centres and critical infrastructure is essential for smooth streaming, online ticketing, and overall event management. Keysource’s collaboration with Timeline Television brings these hidden worlds into the limelight, showcasing the pivotal role data centres play in delivering unforgettable experiences to viewers.

Reliability and Resilience

The EBC data centre, developed in 2021 through an ambitious transformation project, was converted from an 800-rack facility into state-of-the-art studios and a 60-rack data centre. With up to 3MW of capacity, this facility boasts cutting-edge power and cooling infrastructure, ensuring reliable operations even in the most demanding broadcast scenarios. For Timeline TV, who provides broadcasting facilities for key events like the football World Cup, political debates, and corporate conferences, uptime and resilience are critical.

Keysource’s Proactive Approach

Keysource’s mission is to achieve optimum performance and prevent any unplanned downtime at the EBC data centre as Luke Brimelow, Operations Manager at Keysource, explains:

“Due to the criticality of this facility where any unplanned downtime could result in TV programs going off air, our aim is to achieve optimum performance. By identifying and managing issues that affect all aspects of the facility before they become critical, this joined-up approach to fault finding and resolution maximizes critical availability, efficiency, and resilience.”

The Price of Disruption

The importance of uninterrupted broadcasting was underscored by a major incident in September 2021 when a fire suppression system triggered at Red Bee Media’s London broadcast centre, resulting in widespread disruptions and many TV channels going off air. The incident highlighted the criticality of reliable power and cooling infrastructure and the importance of proactive maintenance and support, both of which Keysource provides to Timeline Television.

As you immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Glastonbury, take a moment to appreciate the behind-the-scenes efforts powered by organisations like Keysource and Timeline Television. From delivering high-definition broadcasts to seamless streaming experiences, this collaboration ensures that viewers around the world can enjoy the magic of live events without interruptions.

Keysource remains committed to supporting critical infrastructures, such as data centres, that make moments like Glastonbury possible, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Timeline Television in shaping the future of entertainment.

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