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Your Data Centre’s Winter Solution

In the world of data centres, the majority of power consumption goes towards cooling and maintaining the ideal temperature for your equipment. While traditional air cooling has been the go-to solution for years, the landscape is evolving. Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) is emerging as a game-changer, offering unprecedented benefits.

Why use direct liquid cooling in Data Centres?

As winter sets in, you might wonder if your data centre really needs cooling. Surprisingly, even during colder months, efficient cooling is essential to maintain optimal performance. DLC is the answer.

In comparison, air cooling systems have limitations, with a 60kW/rack threshold. However, DLC takes it up a notch with a 70kW/rack limitation, and full immersion/fanless liquid cooling goes even further with 120kW/rack. This is crucial because data centre densities are on the rise, driven by the demand for faster and more complex services.

How does direct liquid cooling work?

DLC is a solution that circulates a cooling liquid through a heat sink attached to the processor. As this liquid passes through the heat sink, it efficiently transfers heat away from the CPU to the cooler liquid. What sets DLC apart is its high specific heat capacity, making it far more effective than air at removing heat. This enables you to achieve higher data centre densities.

For an even deeper dive into cooling innovation, there’s immersion cooling. This approach submerges entire servers into a thermally conductive dielectric liquid or coolant. Heat is efficiently removed from the system through direct contact with hot components and cooling heat exchangers. These cooling methods have the potential to revolutionise your data centre’s efficiency.

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Environmental Benefits

DLC offers more than just efficient cooling. It can significantly reduce your data centre’s overall power consumption and improve its Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). The benefits extend to the environment, including better power usage, reduced emissions, and less waste. What’s more, DLC systems reject higher-grade heat (70°C+) compared to air systems (<40°C), opening doors to heat reuse and recovery opportunities. This can lead to symbiotic relationships with industries that require continuous hot water for their industrial processes. Plus, DLC produces less noise than air cooling, contributing to a quieter environment.


The increased coolant supply and return temperatures in DLC systems often eliminate the need for chillers. In most cases, this also reduces the necessity for adiabatic cooling, resulting in lower deployment and maintenance costs for cooling infrastructure. Additionally, the electrical capacity reserved for chiller use can be repurposed for additional IT capacity.

Not for Everyone, But Increasingly Relevant

Implementing DLC might require a different data centre design compared to air-cooled facilities. Legacy data centres may face space, power, and environmental constraints that make liquid cooling less practical. While not everyone requires DLC, its relevance is growing.

At Keysource, we’ve witnessed a steady increase in the adoption of liquid cooling solutions, particularly in specialised institutions and universities. Many are exploring the transition from air-cooled systems to DLC, even in smaller-scale deployments. The scalability of DLC solutions makes it feasible to optimise cooling in both specialised and larger-scale facilities.

Your Path to Direct Liquid Cooling

While a widespread shift from air-cooled to liquid cooling may not be imminent, it’s clear that DLC is increasingly relevant. At Keysource, we’re well-equipped to help you navigate the transition. With extensive experience in energy efficiency, sustainability, facility design and the optimisation of existing infrastructure, we can assist organisations of all sizes in deploying liquid cooling.

We’re committed to supporting your green agenda and addressing climate change. Contact us to explore how Direct Liquid Cooling can transform your data centre’s efficiency.

Are You Ready to Keep Your Data Centre Cool with DLC?

If you are looking to enhance your data centre’s efficiency and sustainability with Direct Liquid Cooling then contact us today to explore the possibilities.

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