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Critical Infrastructure Management System for global research organisation

A leading global market research company chose Keysource to provide multi-site remote monitoring across its global IT infrastructure. This includes 14 global offices, from San Francisco, to Frankfurt and Sydney.

Keysource operates the 24/7 service through a central global tool which is monitored from the company’s Network Operations Centre based in London.

Alerts/ issues are automated and sent directly to the Keysource incident management system (without customer intervention). The team then review this to provide first line support which includes interpretation of incidents by data centre specialist engineers, to establish criticality and priority, and initial dial-in diagnostics.

Once the issue is understood, Keysource contacts the third party vendor support on behalf of their customer and provides information on findings whilst also notifying the customer site of the pending attendances. On completion of third party vendor callout, Keysource then

checks normal operating conditions and provides an update to the in-house teams.

Project Highlights

  • Provision of a 24×7 helpdesk with access to critical engineering specialists

  • Utilising a resilient Incident Management System

  • Remote monitoring of M&E to automate delivery of alarms to Keysource

  • Alarms received by Keysource are subject to action within 10 minutes

  • Notify the teams of incidents within 30 minutes

  • Provide suggestions/ directives on next actions and possible risks to BAU

  • Initiating third party service provider support including coordinating onsite response services

  • Incident reporting and audit trail

“Our solution puts a layer of specialist expertise between the M&E monitored devices and the client teams which will provide peace of mind across its global estate. We will be monitoring 24/7 and so will know immediately when there are issues and be able to act on them quickly regardless of different time zones.”

Chris West, Head of Managed Services, Keysource

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