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Design Guardian for Garmin

Garmin is a global leader of automotive, fitness, outdoor, marine and aviation technologies. Keysource has been contracted to act as Garmin’s ‘design guardian’ to establish project budgets and design criteria, creating a concept design including a remote monitoring and management solution as well as the selection of all associated equipment.

Managing local and international stakeholders throughout the process has been essential to project success.

The company is opening a 26,500 sqm production facility in Poland. As part of this construction, Garmin identified the need for specialist support in conceptualising and developing the designs for a resilient and scalable IT infrastructure and M&E environment, to support its site office operations and highly automated production lines.

The resulting design includes a 10-rack data centre solution which has a scalable rack deployment design load, N+1 mechanical and electrical resilience with density supporting up to 7kW per rack position. It has a modular, scalable and resilient UPS solution; in-row modular cooling solution; and a hot aisle containment system for enhanced efficiency and supporting high density which will also be supplied and delivered by Keysource.

Project Highlights

  • Design workshops to establish short, medium and long-term capacity and scalability requirements to define the design criteria

  • Alignment of equipment selection with Garmin standards to ensure consistency with previous Garmin deployments

  • Successful stakeholder management with project teams based in the UK and the US and the site and local main contractor based on mainland Europe

  • Delivery of a remotely accessible environmental and plant monitoring solution covering all internal and external risks to the IT infrastructure

“This project involved overcoming a number of challenges, including the need for an interim operating model to cope with travel and equipment restrictions as a result of COVID-19. We also needed to ensure an in-depth design coordination to comply with local environmental and planning regulations as well as needing to manage multiple languages and timescales. This project highlights our ability to provide complex solutions anywhere in the world.”

Chris West, Senior Consultant/ Global Accounts Lead, Keysource

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