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Evaluation for media provider

A media provider, who is the largest global provider of video solutions, had a requirement to establish an improved operating model for its research and development and corporate IT environments.

The target model would provide a flexible platform which supported a range of equipment with a suitable service level and reduce operating costs.

Keysource was engaged to evaluate the options that had been compiled internally to understand their feasibility, including technical and commercial risks.

The objective of the assessment was to enable a decision to be made, with a complete picture, before committing to any short and/ or long-term investments.

The evaluation included Keysource establishing current and planned data centre requirements, including IT capacity, racks, design level/ availability, connectivity and dependencies.

The assessment considered short, medium and long term business requirements and associated consideration to interim or target operating models.

On completion, Keysource provided a concise report detailing the feasibility assessment of data centre options, including both on-premise data centre solution options and alternative off-premise or co-location.

Project Highlights

  • The assessment was used to support the wider business case for a preferred option which was confidently selected and executed

  • Technical and commercial risks associated with budget costs implications

  • Recommended approach and next steps for consideration

  • Ability to drive a needs analysis process across complex environment

  • Understanding of business and user dependencies on services supported

  • Understanding of available hosting options and associated considerations

  • Ability to provide technical and commercial considerations for a clear decision-making process

“Keysource demonstrated a complete understanding of the opportunities and limitations of our IT infrastructure and how/why some IT services were best fit for the cloud and why some had to remain in physical data centres. This helped us to understand the options available to us and ensure that the solution was both scaleable and cost effective.
Client comment.

Our solution enabled our Client to address some short term real estate challenges and build a strategy that supported mixed density and resilience requirements. It provided almost unlimited scalability aligned to a known cost model and enabled them to retain control and security over specialist equipment that is key to their business.”

— Chris West, Head of Global Accounts, Keysource

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